Collecting lapel pins for approximately twenty years, Fred has quite a collection. He has over 20,000 different lapel pins and some 120,000 extras. Each lapel pin has a different story.

Of course, Fred trades and sells his extras. Each month Fred gives a new McDonald's Lapel pin to his 550 employees. Special recognition lapel pins are given to employees for work achievements as well. Such as "Perfect Drawer," "Drive Thru Service," "Fast Feet," and many more.

"I am a McDonald's pin collector with over 2,000 different pins to trade or sell.  Email me if you have any McDonald's Pins you would be interested in Selling or Trading!

I am interested in any regional pins or hard-to-get McDonald's Pins... All You Long Timers, gather them up and I'll buy them from you or maybe we can do some Trading!